Robert M. Sirkle Lodge
NO. 954 F&AM
Brothers, My name is Joshua Faucher I will be the Master of Robert M Sirkle Lodge 954 for the year 2020. I am truly honored and humbled to be elected by you to serve as Master for the ensuing year. Our Lodge has continued to push forward, both reaching and creating new goals in our pursuit of excellence. Junior Past Master Walker Cooper’s dedication and effort was essential in keeping our momentum in 2019. Through his leadership we continue to be a wonderful example of Freemasonry in Kentucky. It is truly a humbling experience to be afforded the opportunity to help carry that torch for Robert M Sirkle Lodge 954. 2020 is about the Lodge’s search for more light and continuing our forward momentum. My theme for this year is “More Masonry in Men”. My focus will be on education and providing experiences that will promote conversation and intrigue us in our labors. I believe that providing these will help bring more of the men that have been absent from our labors back to lodge. To accomplish this, I have listed below a few essential areas of attention. Masonic Education This is key to providing substance to our meetings. We also will be including EA’s and FC’s during presentations whenever possible. By doing this we will foster the next generation of masonic educators. Thereby, setting us up for even greater success in the future. Family & Social I hope to include our families more often in activities such as dinners, events, and open education. This will help give our families and friends a better understanding as to why and what we do as Masons. Through this effort it is my hope that we can continue to build relationships and produce candidates who otherwise may not have been interested in our labors. Social events will allow us to come together outside of our formal lodge activities and hopefully encourage and promote that brotherly love, that we hold so dear. Charitable Giving, Community Presence, and Multi-lodge Events I place these objectives together for a reason. Officers of the Lodge and I cannot accomplish our goals alone and requires support from of all of our brothers who possess talents necessary to help us reach our goals and objectives. Working together, we can make an impact on our community and allow our masonic light to shine brighter. I truly believe that through the efforts and success of the past Masters of Robert M Sirkle Lodge 954, that we have moved closer to achieving the original design of the Masonic Institution by making our members wiser, better and consequently happier. In 2020 I hope to continue in this direction while moving our beloved and ancient Fraternity toward new and exciting times. Fraternally Thine, Joshua L. Faucher – Master Robert M. Sirkle Lodge No. 954 F.&A.M.
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