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My name is Walker Cooper and I will be the Master of Robert M. Sirkle Lodge for the year 2019. I look forward to serving in this role for the ensuing year.

Robert M. Sirkle Lodge No. 954 has built a great deal of momentum in the past two years especially last year with Bother Alan Martin in the East. Brother Martin’s dedication to the craft and his labors to move the craft in a positive direction was a great boon for the lodge. I am humbled that the brethren feel that I have the talent and fortitude to continue to move the lodge forward in the 21st century.

2019 is about momentum and positive change . To keep the momentum going from 2018 and to expand on our endeavors in 2019 I would like to present my agenda below.

  1. Develop the lodge’s bench strength
We need to get younger Masons involved in the administration of the lodge as well as getting them up to speed on ritual and decorum of the lodge.

  1. Re-ignite our fundraising efforts
We will be exploring new and inventive ways at fundraising for the lodge so that we can not only continue our charitable works, but also highlight the social aspect of the lodge which can draw newer members and reengage members who have not sat in lodge for some time.

  1. Engage in new social activates and education
A social lodge is a strong lodge. More and more research into what makes a lodge successful shows that the more that the bothers interact outside the four walls of the lodge room the higher the participation and attendance is on lodge night. In terms of education we need to craft quality content and relevant programs to satisfy the desire for more Masonic education by the younger Masons in our area.

Much as a ship cannot sail itself the officers and I of Robert M. Sirkle Lodge cannot execute this agenda alone. We need the whole craft working together towards a common goal. It is no secret that the winds of change are bearing down on Freemasonry and we have two options. We can turn our lodge into the wind and throw our proverbially ship into the irons or we can set a new tack and a new course, leaning into change and making the craft stronger. My vote is for the latter and in 2019 as Master of Robert M. Sirkle No. 954 I hope to set us on a course for growth and sustainment for the future.

Fraternally Thine,
Walker Cooper – Master
Robert M. Sirkle Lodge No. 954 F.&A.M.
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